Welcome to the Parishes of St Thomas (Lewisham) & St Patrick (Summer Hill)

In 2017 the Parishes of St Thomas’ Lewisham and St Patrick’s Summer Hill were asked to join together in a collaborative agreement that provides the opportunity for the sharing of services and allows Parishioners to become part of a larger family of worshippers.

St Thomas’ is located at 1 Thomas Street Lewisham, and we are honoured to share the Church with the Portuguese ministry, led by Father Julio Aco. The church is only opened when there is a scheduled Mass. Please see below for our regular Mass Times.

St Patrick’s is located at 5 Drynan Street Summer Hill. The Summer Hill Church is opened all day and we encourage you to visit the church to pray or seek solitude.

Saturday Vigil: 6.00pm Rosary recited (about 5.30pm) before Vigil Mass.

Sunday: 8.00am

Monday: 9.00am: Mass on Solemnities and Feasts only

Tuesday: 9.00am

Wednesday: 9.00am

Thursday: 9.00am;8.00pm Holy Hour and Benediction

Friday: 9.00am

Saturday: No morning Mass, 6.00pm Vigil Mass

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Saturday Vigil: 7pm [Portuguese]

Sunday: 8:15am [Portuguese]; 10.30am and 5.00pm [English]

Monday: [Segunda] 7pm [Portuguese]

Tuesday: [Terca] 7pm [Portuguese]

Wednesday: [Quarta] 7pm [Portuguese]

Thursday: [Quinta] 7pm [Portuguese],;10.45am Mass Nursing Home Chapel

Friday: [Sexta] 7.00pm [Portuguese]

Saturday: 9.00am Mass [English]; 7pm [Portuguese Missa Vigilia]

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