Readings at Mass Sunday 20th December

Sunday 20 December 2020 4th Sunday of Advent  Liturgical Colour: Violet. Readings at Mass Entrance AntiphonCf. Is 45: 8 Drop down dew from above, you heavens,and let the clouds rain down the Just One;let the earth be opened and bring forth a Saviour. Collect Pour forth, we beseech you, O Lord,your grace into our hearts,that […]

Readings at Mass Susnday 13th December

Sunday 13 December 2020 3rd Sunday of Advent  Liturgical Colour: Rose or Violet. Readings at Mass Entrance AntiphonPhil 4: 4-5 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice.Indeed, the Lord is near. Collect O God, who see how your peoplefaithfully await the feast of the Lord’s Nativity,enable us, we pray,to attain the joys of[…..]

CANCELLED – Mingle & Jingle

Due to the evolving situation in the Northern Beaches LGA, tonight’s Christmas Carols at St Thomas have been cancelled. 5pm Mass will proceed as usual for those who wish to attend. On Sunday 20th December at 5pm we will celebrate Mass, followed by Christmas Carols and Champagne in the hall. This is a wonderful, relaxed[…..]

Readings at Mass Sunday 6th December

Sunday 6 December 2020 2nd Sunday of Advent  Liturgical Colour: Violet. Readings at Mass Entrance AntiphonCf. Is 30: 19, 30 O people of Sion, behold,the Lord will come to save the nations,and the Lord will make the glory of his voice heardin the joy of your heart. Collect Almighty and merciful God,may no earthly undertaking[…..]

Annual Giving Tree

Mary McKillop Outreach Giving Tree – 27th to 29th NovemberEach year we place a Christmas Tree covered in gift tags in each Church. Parishioners are able to take a tag and donate the gift listed to the people supported by the Mary McKillop Outreach Centre. We call it our ‘Giving Tree‘. With COVID-19 still in play,[…..]

Readings at Mass Sunday 29th November

Sunday 29 November 2020 1st Sunday of Advent  Liturgical Colour: Violet. Readings at Mass Entrance AntiphonCf. Ps 24: 1-3 To you, I lift up my soul, O my God.In you, I have trusted; let me not be put to shame.Nor let my enemies exult over me;and let none who hope in you be put to[…..]

Readings at Mass: Sunday 22nd November

Sunday 22 November 2020 Liturgical Colour: White. Readings at Mass ____________________ Entrance Antiphon Rv 5: 12; 1: 6 How worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and divinity, and wisdom and strength and honour. To him belong glory and power for ever and ever. ____________________ Collect Almighty ever-living God, whose will is[…..]

Readings At Mass: Sunday 1st November 2020

Sunday 1 November 2020Readings at Mass ____________________First readingApocalypse 7:2-4,9-14 ·I saw a huge number, impossible to count, of people from every nation, race, tribe and language I, John, saw another angel rising where the sun rises, carrying the seal of the living God; he called in a powerful voice to the four angels whose duty was[…..]

Charitable Works Appeal

Our first Charitable Works Fund Appeal for 2020 is next weekend at St Patricks and St Thomas. The two appeals earlier in the year were cancelled due to COVID-19 and donations to the Fund have been significantly reduced this year.Each of our Churches has a financial obligation to the Fund each year and we need your generosity[…..]

Readings At Mass: Sunday 25th of October 2020

Sunday 25 October 2020Readings at Mass ____________________ First readingExodus 22:20-26 ·If you are harsh with the widow and orphan, my anger will flare against you The Lord said to Moses, ‘Tell the sons of Israel this: ‘“You must not molest the stranger or oppress him, for you lived as strangers in the land of Egypt. You[…..]