Below are links to a number of pieces of Sacred Music. These provide a good example of music that can be selected for your wedding. All music at St Thomas must be arranged by one of our preferred musicians, who are all familiar with the appropriate style and equipment available at our Church. Please do not make proviate arrangements for music for your wedding. Please feel free to contact the musician of your choice fromthe selection below. We recommend commencing your Sacred Music selection no later than 6 months in advance of your wedding to ensure you are not disappointed.

Preferred Musicians at St Thomas of Canterbury, Lewisham:

Matthew Del Cin
Visit Matthew’s Website
0438 667 904

Stephen Smith
0423 099 131

James Doig
Visit James’ website
0432 690 785

John Brazier


Unfortunately pre-recorded music and popular music such as movie theme songs, opera music and secular music cannot be performed in St Thomas of Canterbury. Only Sacred Music is acceptable within the Church, and the music recommendations below will give you a guide to what is considered Sacred Music. You are welcome to offer suggestions on music other than those hymns listed below, and to discuss your preferences with one of our musicians.


Bridal entrance:
Wagner – Bridal Chorus
Clarke Purcell Charpentier – The Prince of Denmark’s March

Church Bells:
There is no charge to have the bell of St Thomas rung for your wedding. Please speak to your chosen musician to have these arrangements made.