Thank you for your interest in celebrating the Sacraments at one of our Parishes. 
We are taking registrations for 2021 via the links below.

For Parents with children at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School: please note that the dates for your Sacraments and details regarding preparation will differ from the dates outlined below and will be communicated to you through the school. Please continue directly to the registration link at the bottom of this page.

The Sacraments are a wonderful gift to us from God inviting us into deeper intimacy with Him. So that children can gain the full benefit of the experience, the preparation is vitally important. Unlike Baptism and Confirmation, Reconciliation is a sacrament that can be received as often as one wants, and it strengthens us with grace each time it is received. Students need to be Catholic and in year two or above to make their First Reconciliation.
In our Parishes, we have the Sacraments of both Reconciliation and Holy Communion when the child is in year three. They are still held as two separate sacraments and are arranged approximately three months apart. When you register your child for Reconciliation we will assume you are also participating in Holy Communion unless you advise otherwise.

First Reconciliation Preparation
In 2021, our preparation will consist of three sessions via Zoom on a Sunday afternoon from 3.30pm to 4.15pm which should be attended by the enrolled student and a parent. Preparation is considered an essential requirement to receive the Sacrament, as is attendance at Sunday Mass.
We have structered our preparation as a 45 minute session, that will be accompanied by handouts, activities and homework (just a little!). At the conclusion of our preparation session, your child is expected to attend Sunday afternoon Mass at 5pm at St Thomas, and to hand their homework or activity to Father Sam for validation.

Preparation Dates for 2021 – held via Zoom*
Week 1: 3.30pm – 4.15pm Sunday 25th April
Week 2: 3.30pm – 4.15pm Sunday 2nd May
Week 3: 3.30pm – 4.15pm Sunday 9th May (followed by a rehearsal for 20 minutes after Mass from 5.40pm to 6pm)
* Zoom login and details will be sent out by mid-April and handouts will be delivered via post.

First Reconciliation for 2021 – held at St Thomas of Canterbury
4pm Sunday 16th May, followed by Mass at 5pm

First Reconciliation is a private discussion between the Priest and the student. This is typically done in the confessionals at St Thomas. It is followed by a Mass and is a special celebration for the candidates and their families to share in. All are welcome.

Children are not required to buy special outfits for the Sacrament, however they are required to dress appropriately. A general guide is how they would dress to attend a special occasion. Boys should wear long pants and a shirt with a collar, no jeans, cargo pants or joggers. Girls should wear a dress, knee length or longer, and no midriffs or bare shoulders.

The cost per child is $50 which covers both First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We will contact you to arrange payment over the phone where possible, or alternatively you can place cash in an envelope and hand to Father at Mass. Please note that no child will ever be denied the opportunity to receive the Sacraments due to financial limitations. Families in difficult financial circumstances should contact the parish office to discuss their situation confidentially.

How to Register your child
A copy of the child’s Baptism certificate is required as well as the permission of both parents. Please complete the attached registration form to enrol your child to receive First Reconciliation.